Episode 103

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18th Oct 2021

Animals Central Podcast Episode 103 -Rodents...as in RATS

Rodents, yep...talkin' about rats and 4600 other species...40% of mammals. People eat them, exterminate them, feed them to other mammals, turn them into coats, use them for laboratory testing, and even keep them as pets. Rats, Mice, Guinea pigs, Squirrels, Prairie Dogs, Beavers, Porcupines, Hamsters, Rabbits, Hares, Pika, Capybara, Gophers, Marmots, Gerbils, Jerboa, Lemmings, Chinchillas, and on and on and on.

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Animals Central
Welcome to the newly updated Animals Central Podcast. Based on the Animals Central book and audiobook series, the Animals Central Podcast will explore weekly the Animal World in conjunction with our new Animals Central Animal Education Website, now live at animals-central.com. We will be providing a lot of content with this new educational website including video, audio, illustrations, animals sounds, narrated animal description videos, and so much more.

This podcast will be a sampling of our new Animals Central website and will list upcoming content on that website so you know what to expect with Animals Centrals' next upload.

Make this podcast your touchstone for all things Animal Central. Welcome aboard as we begin our journey to the Animal World.
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