Episode 34

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4th Jun 2018

Visit the Zoo Episode 034 - Cougar

Special presentation with new segments for this episode. In this episode we look at the Cougar. We also introduce again our Visit the Zoo 12-Book 120 Animal Anthology book on Amazon.com. We also talk about our newly updated and published Visit the Zoo website at www.zooanimals.info. We hear our three weekly mystery animal sounds and learn a bit about those mystery animals. We listen to Chapter One from "Noah, An Animal Adventure Fantasy" written podcast host and author Frederick Fichman. We also hear about summer hiking tips and suggestions and audio from newsreels from 1936 and 1964 about animals.  Our main website is at http://www.zooanimals.info and my main author website is at http://www.frederickfichman.com. Please help support all things “Visit the Zoo” including eBooks on Amazon.com, print books on Amazon.com, audiobooks on Audible.com, and DVDs on Amazon-CreateSpace-Allied Vaughn-Midwest Tape, and this Podcast by becoming a patron at o. Help us to continue these podcasts and grow the “Visit the Zoo Podcast.
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Animals Central
Welcome to the newly updated Animals Central Podcast. Based on the Animals Central book and audiobook series, the Animals Central Podcast will explore weekly the Animal World in conjunction with our new Animals Central Animal Education Website, now live at animals-central.com. We will be providing a lot of content with this new educational website including video, audio, illustrations, animals sounds, narrated animal description videos, and so much more.

This podcast will be a sampling of our new Animals Central website and will list upcoming content on that website so you know what to expect with Animals Centrals' next upload.

Make this podcast your touchstone for all things Animal Central. Welcome aboard as we begin our journey to the Animal World.
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